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High Precision Micro Hole EDM Drilling Machine EDM Hole




High Precision Micro Hole EDM Drilling Machine EDM Hole Burning Driller

Model: RC-D703A

Micro hole EDM, small hole popping, hole burning, or small hole drilling EDM, they’re one in the same.

Micro hole EDM drilling uses the EDM principal of spark erosion to burn fast, micro holes into electrically conductive material. Unlike sinker EDM, which uses custom electrodes, small hole EDM drilling uses a brass or copper tube as an electrode. As the charged electrode is lowered into the work piece, a spindle rotates the tube to evenly distribute electrode wear, remove debris, and assure uniform roundness.

High Precision EDM Drilling Machine Applications:

EDM Micro hole drilling is ideal for creating injection nozzles in molds and coolant holes in tooling, as well as start holes for wire EDM operations. Since both processes are types of electrical discharge machining (EDM), it is often more economical to use this combination for hardened materials.

EDM driller is the sensible complement to EDM wire cutting systems. Electrodes of 0.3 - 3 mm, optional 0.15 – 3 mm are used on the high precision vertical edm drilling machine. With this field of application, EDM drill is optimally suited for the majority of workpieces in which starting holes have to be made for EDM wire-cutting.

EDM Hole burning uses low cost electrode tube (normally brass or copper material) to drill holes on a electrically conductive material at a very high speed, the hole depth diameter ratio can reach up to 300. The hole diameter is normally from 0.2mm to 3.0mm. This technology is widely used for hole machinig in aerospace, energy, cutting tools, automotive, medical, mold and die industries.

Small Hole EDM Burning Materials:

Many metal materials are difficult or impossible to machine without adding heat; with EDM hole burning, these materials can be worked with exceptional precision without applying heat. EDM hole drill is fast, effective, and can be used to machine virtually any electrically conductive or heat-treated metal material, including: Bronze, Copper, Tungsten, Carbon graphite, Carbon steel, High alloy steel, Inconel, Stainless steel, Hastalloy, Titanium, Kovar and many others

These materials are often extremely costly, and, as such, any undue waste can be a significant blow to your budget. Fortunately, our micro hole driller expertise ensures superior accuracy and precision, with no unnecessary material waste.

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