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Cena: 53 300 Kč

Absolute hit of the season! Thai ice cream made to the eyes of customers!

Exotic names and unique approach to serving summer delicacies, gained many customers around the world!

Thai Ice Machine - Crepito Ice Thai Single Square!

* LCD display
Full control over temperature, easy to use!

* Big cooling pan!
As much as 40 cm!

* Universal wheels
Fully mobile device. On request we can mount another type of wheel, or give up their assembly

* IControl TM
Our devices are equipped with a microprocessor that keeps track of the temperature and automatically switches on the compressor. This means reducing electricity costs.

Weight: 44kg
Length: 56cm
Width: 56cm
Height (with basic wheels): 90cm
Refrigerant: R410A
Power: 1000W
Power supply: 230v
Construction material: Stainless steel 201
External material: Stainless steel 304

Only here :

* 12 months warranty ***
Repair or replacement of the device to new within 3 business days. During the season time is money.

We have a service of our equipment in Czapury, all elements of our equipment are on stock, in the warehouse near Poznan.

Thai Rolled Ice Cream is just what it
sounds like: little rolls of ice cream,
about the size of a roll of quarters,
that are packed into a cup, then
topped with all manner of extras,
such as toasted marshmallow,
gummy bears, coconut.
The process takes about two minutes,
and is just as much fun as the eating.
Ice cream preparation staff pour a cup
of flavored milk-based liquid on to an
extremely cold metal circle.
As the base freezes, its manipulated
with little paddles and then spread
out across the big circle. Once the ice cream
evenly covers the circle, the prep staff
pushes a spatula across it and turns strips
of it into rolls.

Have a nice day and please contact us by e-mail :)

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